Glad you made it here. Some do.

Liquid Absolution took a while to write. There are four more books in the series. This is the first.

They’re all finished, but need sandpaper, a bit of lacquer, and a few more shots.

Maybe a cigar.

Stay tuned!


This is a website about my books. Hope you enjoy them. I’ve been reading detective novels for a very long time. In my real life, for the past twenty years, I’ve been a researcher. Much of the investigations I do are really mundane.

A few of them have been interesting. There are crooks and charlatans in my industry, but they’re mostly above the law, above ethics (or below) and aren’t really prosecuted. In some cases, they’re lauded, because they make Wall Street happy for a few days every quarter.

My books, however, are about people, motivations, and how they got to the moments when triggers are pulled.



Fastest way to contact me is to send me an email. I check in when I can.

It’s easy. Sam at samuel d carter dot com. You know how. If I can, I answer as soon as possible.

I’m a private person. You should be, too.